What is the Law of Attraction?

The universe has provided several great laws for us, in order to live a great life.
Learn about the one law that you can use to create your best life: The Law of Attraction.

Beware of the power of your words

"Be careful what you wish for." Words have power. Have you ever heard the saying "be careful what you wish for"? It's a phrase that reminds us to think carefully about the things we desire, because they have the power to shape our reality. Words have a powerful...

7 financial planning cures for personal life and business

Take control of your financial planning and let these words guide you away from the stringency of a lean purse to that fuller, happier life a full purse makes possible. "What can a book written in the 1920's tell modern investors about their finances? A whole lot if...

Moving forward in life according to Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale, as a child, wanted to know why some people were poor (the so-called 'Have-not 's'), while others appeared to be so rich ('Haves'). Why some people were miserable and others so happy. Het wanted to know what made different people turn out the way they...

10 law of attraction quotes to inspire your loved ones

Inspire your loved ons to create the life they want Use these law of attraction qoutes to inspire your family and friends. A lot of people already use the law of attraction unconsciously. When getting older, we often are programmed to believe otherwise. That's why a...

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