Law of attraction explained in my own words:

The universe has provided several great laws for us, in order to live a great life.

These laws are often teached by religions, not always with the intention to educate people in the right way.

One example of these laws is quite obvious for every persone or creature on this planet: The law of gravity. Whether you are a saint or a criminal, jumping off the roof of a high building will make you suffer the impact of this law.

The law of attraction is working in its own way: like attracts like, what you focus on is growing, where attention goes – energy flows.

Example: If you ever bought a car, you might recognize the phenomenon in the following situation; The first day you drove your new car, you (automatically) noticed the presence of the same model on the road. It is like this car is everywhere. This is one of those ways the law of attraction works. Your unconscious mind is directing your attention to the things of your interest.

There are several purposes for applying the law of attraction; to generate health, wealth and everything you could wish for. However, limiting beliefs withhold us from believing this law because our conscious mind is telling us that our wishes cannot come true because of: all those limiting beliefs other people tell us or we tell ourselves. At the same time that we let our conscious mind limit our beliefs, the law of attraction is working in the opposite direction and answers to the limiting beliefs and makes that limiting belief come true. If you focus on your fears, you will get what you fear for. So let this universal law work for you by releasing fears and believing that you can get all you wish for.

“What you focus on expands.”

This is, in short, my short explanation of the law of atrraction. If you would like to know more about this powerful law that can change your life in a positive way, you can make a start by watching the movie “the Secret” on Netflix. Other ways to discover the universal laws :

  • read books (7 spiritual laws of the universe – Deepak Chopra, Ask and it is given – Esther Hicks)
  • Course : introduction to creating your dreamlife.



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