Earl Nightingale, as a child, wanted to know why some people were poor (the so-called ‘Have-not ‘s’), while others appeared to be so rich (‘Haves’). Why some people were miserable and others so happy. Het wanted to know what made different people turn out the way they do. How they made their way to move forward in life.

Nightingale offers brilliant reasoning why some thrive while others become complacent. Of course, we all know there are social constructs and systematic variables that heavily influence a person’s chance to become wealthy. However, there is something to be said for those who persevere with determination and faith through life’s most difficult situations.

There is something special about the person who can dream for a better life AND create a plan of action AND do the work AND stay focused with unwavering commitment and fortitude. How can we move our own mindset to reject mediocre living and demand extraordinary life? How can we be consistently successful?

When you ask your friends and neighbors; “what are you doing now at this present time to increase your income now?” And when you get the blank stare after asking this: ask the following: “how much money are you planning to have at the age of 65?” Most people are not constructively thinking about their financial goals, let alone thinking about how to reach those goals.

Earl found out that most of all people with big income start the same way you and I did and most other people. The most differences between guys with the big incomes and the lower incomes, is that the guys with big incomes decided to earn more. Those people made it their business to earn more.

Earl offers you the following steps in order to move forward in your life:

  1. Determine your destination and like a pilot flying an airplane, use a check list to fly from one place to another destination. Create your own checklist and put it somewhere where you see it in the morning.
  2. Use the goldmine between your ears, your mind. Innovation begins as an idea in the human mind.

Our rewards in life will be in exact proportion with our contribution or service.

Check this video below to lisen to Earl’s story on how to improve your life in 19 minutes:

More on Earl Nightingale, visit his website: http://www.earlnightingale.com/ All credit to original copyrights

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