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Being a father of 3 children I had a major wake-up call in life when my marriage ended after 24 years. At first I did not take my spouse’s wish to part too seriously, I expected things to fall back into place after a while. That did not happen.

This major disappointment changed my life. I had been with her since 30 years. It hit me. Hard, very hard. I felt that my life went down the drain. I felt ashamed, desperate, all hope gone. Betrayed. Mistreated. I did not trust love anymore. I had to learn a lifelesson.

That’s when I began to realize that I was not aware of a lot of things. I had been living in a bubble all the time of my marriage. Reality kicked in when my divorce was effective. I felt naive and I was in despair. The one thing that kept me going was: Hope.

So, I had to pick up the pieces and try to get my life back together. Where should I start? I had no clue. Fortunately I have to adorable sisters, who helped me at my first steps to recovery. I was happy with my doctor, who helped me to see reality and told me for instance to remove my wedding-ring, which hadn’t been off for 24 years! Those were difficult times for me. It seemed that I had been living in a lie for more than 20 years and I had to discover the world all over.

From that time I acted in somekind of surviving mode and took the first steps on the path of personal development. Now, after 7 years, I can say that I discovered a lot of new ways to look at life and it was a great journey so far. I discovered that we, humans, are here with a purpose and to take some lessons.

When I finally realized that this life is about this learning and experiencing, I discovered that the universe is an active part of our being. 

Now I have learned that life is worth living, even with major disappointments. Thanks to all the books, podcasts, Youtube videos, digital recordings, trainings, seminars, coaches, mentors and resources. People around me, family, friends.

Some of the lessons I learned are very familiar to a lot of people, some are not. I want to share them with you with this website. It might get you back on track. It also might help you discover how great this life is. Living life on earth is an opportunity to enjoy life and to experience and learn great things.

We also are guided. As soon as you experience this, you will see more wonders of life and what you can do with these wonders. You will discover that you are a creator. Creating your own life following your dreams. 

So please do some cherry picking on this website and I hope you reap the benefits of the good life. No matter what kind of situation you are in at this moment. Cheers to life!



I want to thank my sisters, fiends and partner for all the support they gave an still give me. Without them I could not have made this.

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